[Endcreditsfilm] Welcome to our new list

End Credits Film Club admin at endcredits.org.au
Wed Apr 20 10:02:22 CEST 2011

Hi Folks
Just a brief email to test the transition of everyone to a new list hosting service. ( We got too big and had to move)

Apologies if you've had any messages with dire warnings of imminent removal ( or in fact no messages at all )

Members will receive a new paper newsletter and advice of our AGM ( June 21 7pm at Machans Beach Community Hall) in the mail.

If you just can't wait ( the mail out will arrive after all those Easter holidays ) or you like reading the screen you can download your own copy now from our website now.

Don't forget while you're there to check the screenings link. There's a movie coming soon.


Brett Hitchens
End Credits Film Club
admin at endcredits.org.au


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