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7:30pm Saturday December 8


(M) 108 min AU

“At the end of 2012, it will be 11 years since I’ve written ‘House of Cards’. It’s gone through many changes (and is still changing!), but it’s a story that I love with characters I have grown to love.
Like many before me, I tried to get funding to make the film through the government. I was told that this isn’t the type of story Australian audiences want to see. I’m going to prove them wrong.”
Ian Chinsee - Director.


John Dillon (Terra Nova's Matt Scully) is a disgraced journalist who discovers a unique symbol associated with a mysterious murder.  Determined to redeem his reputation, he begins to investigate and is soon led to an underground street fighting scene and its emotionless champion, Simon Bailey (Ian Chinsee).  Inadvertently becoming entangled in the demis of an ancient order of assassins, it is soon clear to John that Simon knows more about the murder than he lets on.

As secrets are revealed and sides are taken, John must delve further into a world he never knew existed - a world he may never escape from.  And when Simon and his associates are threatened by a mysterious and deadly assassin (Kathleen Doody), the question must be asked: who is hunting who?

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