[Endcreditsfilm] The Women on the 6th Floor - A French romantic comedy in the classic style

Brynn Mathews brynnmathews at optusnet.com.au
Wed Feb 8 04:58:28 CET 2012

The Women on the Sixth Floor was one of the films on the top of our list as
an End Credits film to show at CoCA this year.  This would have given our
members and other film buffs one chance to see it.

However, BCC is screening it at the Grafton Street cinema giving you many
more opportunities to see it.  It's down to one session a day at 10:45am for
the next week, so it's probably in it's last week.  From the early scene
where an apartment full of Spanish maids are cleaning and jiving to "She
Wore an Itsy Bitsy  Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" (in French?!) I
knew I was going to enjoy it...and I certainly did.  So don't miss out on
seeing a film that we certainly would have booked if BCC hadn't.

A lot of these special films get turned around a bit too quickly sometimes,
so bookmark the following website to keep track of what's coming up and
hopefully you won't miss out on a film you've been waiting to see in Cairns.


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