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Hi Folks,
I'm hoping to impress our Cairns Regional Council with the level of community support we can muster for our grant application which we need to complete by 23 November. 

Your help will be appreciated not only as individuals but more importantly if you have contacts with representatives of community organisations you can ask to support what we do.

replies to admin at endcredits.org.au if you can please.

Brett Hitchens
End Credits Film Club
admin at endcredits.org.au


We are seeking  support for a Cairns Regional Council grant application for the screening of contemporary film programs of cultural significance in Cairns.

We want to continue or successful  regular program of Australian and foreign language film screenings and screen events of cultural significance, which would otherwise never be seen in Cairns. 

This will enable us to continue contributing towards enhancing the Cairns CBD and its place as a vibrant cultural centre.

We believe there exists an opportunity to screen film regularly at indoor and outdoor venues in the Cairns CBD. Special event screenings may also be held on available suitable days.

Our proposal for 2013 has a nominal 20 individual ticketed film screenings.  

The program will be screening films drawn from the 150 or so annually released Art House, foreign language and theatrical documentary titles which never receive a commercial release in Cairns.  

Screenings could be allocated to screen culturally specific events as they become available such as touring mini festivals, local filmmaker exhibitions, involvement in partnership events like Festival Cairns or as a component of other community and cultural festivals  or celebrations of  diverse cultures. 

Grant funds will contribute to operational costs which club volunteers do not have the required qualifications and technical means to perform. This support will enable us to develop a regular Cinema program using professional venue services, which would otherwise be beyond the means of a community volunteer association.

A draft support letter which may assist your response is attached and available for download from:


Detailed background information supporting our application can be downloaded from:

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