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Hello End Credits members
I’m the writer/producer of an Aussie nano budget independent feature film that’s screening at the Cairns Centre of Contemporary Arts on Sunday 25th November, 2012 – hosted by the End Credits Film Club. Not only did I write this film and co produce it; but I’m distributing it, promoting it and selling it! (I couldn’t help myself and gave myself a role in it too . . . ) The film is doing pretty well so far considering that I’m an organic beef farmer in my day job – it’s won a couple of awards at a film festival and we’ve been screening at a number of cinemas around the countryside since our premier in Sydney in May this year.
The film was shot (here) in the Hunter valley, NSW on the smell of an oily rag by a dedicated crew of friends and family with a budget of around $60k! Impossible without the unbelievable community support we received from the locals. I live in a town of 300 people and everyone wanted to help – that’s how we kept our costs down: from a dairy farmer friend of mine, to the publican at my local hotel, to the town lawyer who moved into his back spare room for two weeks while a first time crew took over his house . . . . and car . . . . and office! Not to mention the bee keeper next door to me who lives in a old weatherboard house in the middle of a paddock (outside dunny) and who let us film the glamorous Aussie showbiz icon, Maria Venuti in his antique clawed-foot bath in his lime green bathroom.
 Jump on our website at www.bathingfranky.com and check out our one minute trailer.
Thanks for your time and consideration, it’s much appreciated.
Kind regards
Michael Winchester
(Writer/Producer, and organic beef farmer - Bathing Franky)
BATHING FRANKY. . . with our imagination we make the world
*** Winner of “Best Actor” (Shaun Goss) & “Best Supporting Actor” (Maria Venuti)
2012 Indie Gems Film Festival***
96 Abbott St, Cairns
Screen, theatre and showbiz icons Henri Szeps (Mother & Son) and Maria Venuti (Fat Pizza) will compel, delight and surprise audiences with their onscreen performances in the independent feature film Bathing Franky at the Cairns Centre of Contemporary Arts on 25th November  @ 4.30 pm. Debut filmmakers, Owen Elliot and Michael Winchester will host a special Q&A forum after the screening. Bathing Franky was written and co-produced by former actor turned organic beef farmer Michael Winchester (Prisoner, Sons & Daughters) who based the film on a monologue he wrote for himself as an audition piece. Michael showed it to a friend of his – multi award winning short-film maker (Newcastle, Coffs Harbour Film festivals) and corporate film director/editor, Owen Elliott, who came on board to direct and co-produce Bathing Franky. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the audience response to the film’s issues around caring for the elderly in the home and in particular from the professional and volunteer community aged care sector” Winchester said.
Bathing Franky tells the story of a young man, Steve (SHAUN GOSS) who when dealing with his troubled past is captivated by the fanciful and surreal world of Rodney (HENRI SZEPS) a wildly, irrepressible older man and his aging yet compelling mother, Franky (MARIA VENUTI), who when not confined to her wheelchair, zips about on her modified ride-on lawn mower. The film examines how hope, forgiveness and imagination can be used as a means for dealing with the harsher aspects of life. [Classified MA15+] To view a short one minute trailer visit www.bathingfranky.com  The film was shot in 4 weeks on a shoestring budget in 2009 in the picturesque Hunter Valley, NSW after taking nearly 10 years to write. “We do have a few deferred payments and some debts but we kept our costs down because of the incredible support of the cast, crew and local community - including my bee keeper neighbour who lives in an old house in the middle of a paddock (outside dunny) and who let us film the glamorous showbiz icon, Maria Venuti in his antique clawed-foot bath” Winchester said.
The film premiered in Sydney in May and having screened in Melbourne, Brisbane, Alice Springs, and the Sunshine Coast, the film makers are hiring a car and taking to the road, touring up the east coast of Queensland screening and hosting Q&A forums in Cairns, Townsville (no forum), Bowen, Mackay and Rockhampton. “What a great way to see the country, show our film, talk about how we made it on a shoestring budget and make a few dollars along the way to help pay our debts” Elliott the film’s director said.
 “By turns hilariously funny, genuinely moving and even at times chillingly cold . . . it pulls few punches as it handles issues seldom considered in bigger budget Australian films” [Rochford Street Review]
For Cairns screening details visit http://www.endcredits.org.au or phone 07 40509401. Tickets Cash Sales only at the door Adults $13.00 Members $10.00
For interviews with the cast, director, writer and producers contact Michael Winchester: 0249317120; ozziebites at hunterlink.net.au

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