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Occupy Love 
Thurs 11th April
From the Arab Spring to the European Summer, from the Occupy Movement to the global climate justice movement, a profound shift is taking place: humanity is waking up to the fact that the dominant system of power is failing to provide us with health, happiness or meaning.  
"Visually stunning, politically incendiary, audaciously inspiring. Occupy Love is a masterpiece" – Ethan Cox, Rabble
Join acclaimed director Velcrow Ripper on a journey deep inside the global revolution of the heart that is erupting around the planet – Occupy Love.
Woven throughout the moving, action oriented backbone of the story, is a deep exploration of the heart of the movement, the meaning of love, and concrete examples of just what “another world” could look like, featuring some of the world’s key visionaries on alternative systems of economics, sustainability, and empathy.
Occupy Love is a moving, transformative, heartfelt film, featuring Ripper’s signature stunning visuals and rich soundscapes.  A powerful cinematic experience that will leave audiences inspired.
The old paradigm that concentrates wealth, founded on the greed of the few, is collapsing. Endless growth on a finite planet cannot be sustained.   The resulting crisis has become the catalyst for a profound transformation:  millions of people are deciding that enough is enough – the time has come to create a new world, a world that works for all life.
"What the film shows, triumphantly, is that love can unite as much as greed can divide" - Vancouver International Film Festival

Occupy Love
Thurs 11th April
Arthouse - 240 Scott St (via McCoombe St)

Doors 6.30pm, Film 7.00pm - Tix: $7 / $5 concession



Nicholas Mills
nicholas at thehouseoffalcon.com
61 (0) 0403 786 691


240 Scott St

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