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Absolutely compelling and haunting, Rebelle is a film for anyone, especially those who think they have seen it all before....
Andrew Urban - Cinefile

4:30pm Sunday Apr 28 

WAR WITCH is a life lesson, a story of human resilience

Somewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, in a small isolated village, Komona, a twelveyear- old girl, lived peacefully with her parents until the day the rebels came. They pillaged the village, captured Komona and forced her to commit an irreparable act: slay her parents. In the rebels’ camp, the training is merciless: Komona is hungry, scared, and the Rebel Leader, who has no pity for her tears, repeatedly beats her if she cries. She quickly learns to endure, to fight and above all, to survive. During a battle waged against the government’s army, only Komona is spared. The rebels chief sees this as a sign and declares she is the new sorceress. She is soon brought to Great Tiger, the supreme leader of all the rebels, who makes her his war witch.

Rachel Mwanza - Best Actress award at Berlin, Tribeca and Vancouver Film Festivals




Brett Hitchens

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