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Not unlike Australian cinema, movies from Canada have a welcome tendency toward intimacy and honesty. In lieu of big budgets, they boast truthful situations, and instead of special effects, they offer rich characterisation. Still Mine is a perfect example of the warm, deeply humanistic films that spring from the fertile soil physically located just to the north of America, but spiritually situated a million miles away.

Craig Morrison (James Cromwell is a canny mix of ornery toughness and reserved charm) is a hard-working man of the land in his late eighties. When his wife, Irene (Canadian legend, Genevieve Bujold, at her tough but sweet best), starts to show signs of possible Alzheimer’s, Craig decides to build a smaller, more manageable home on their patch of land. But despite his building prowess, Craig soon finds himself at the mercy of permits, work orders, building inspections and government bureaucracy, and fears that neither he nor Irene will live to see the completion of their new home.

It’s a story about how love – physical, sexual, emotional – can still drive and inspire people, even when society at large might views them as being past it. Funny, affirming, sad, and true, Still Mine is a quiet triumph.

Brett Hitchens

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