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It’s unusual for us to be at CoCA 2 weeks in a row and even rarer to be there for 3 consecutive Sundays but here we are at week 2 of our 2014 triple treat before we take a break until February 1 2015.

4:30pm Sunday December 7
BRAZIL (PG) 99mins

The Mystery of Happiness is from Award-winning director Daniel Burman (Lost Embrace). 

Santiago and Eugenio are more than friends, they are life long business partners. They understand each other without words, they care for each other and they need each other. 

One day Eugenio disappears without leaving any clues behind. Santiago immediately notices his absence, but only realises what’s happened when Eugenio's wife, Laura, lost and hopeless assures him that Eugenio has left. 

Santiago and Laura set out on a journey to find him and end up discovering a whole lot more... A funny and poignant film about midlife crisis, relationships and dreams.


4:30pm Sunday December 14
US (M) 99mins

A romance filled with intrigue, surprise, and reflections on the mystery of love, THE FACE OF LOVE stars two four-time ACADEMY AWARD ® Nominees, Annette Bening and Ed Harris, and ACADEMY AWARD ® Winner Robin Williams.

Five years after losing the love of her life, one moment suddenly changes Nikki (Bening) forever…at first sight and with one glimpse, she falls in love again. The object of her affection, Tom (Harris), is the man of her dreams – a handsome art teacher with a big heart, kind smile and zest for life. And he just happens to look exactly like Nikki’s deceased husband, Garrett.

Seduced by the chance to re-live her first true love, Nikki spirals into a fantasy world of life with Tom as Garrett. But as they fall even more deeply for each other, Nikki knows that soon she must reveal the truth to Tom and admit where her heart truly lies – in her fantasy of the past, or in the reality of Tom.

Brett Hitchens

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