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Hi Folks

It’s CRC grants application time again and we’d appreciate your support either as an individual or if you are a member of a community organisation.

At today’s screening there will be several petition style sheets where you can add your name to the list of individual End Credits supporters.

Please take the time to find a list and fill in your details.

If you miss the list we’d still like to hear from you by email

mailto:admin at endcredits.org.au

I’ve included a sample below if you need some inspiration.

Please send support by 26 February so we can meet CRC deadlines.

Date 16 February 2014


Cairns Regional Council

Community Development

PO Box 359



RE: Council Grants Program – Local Community Festival and Event Grants - Application from End Credits Film Club


Dear Sir/ Madam,


We write in support of the application for grants funding by End Credits Film Club.


The End Credits Film Club founded in 1997, makes an invaluable contribution to the growth of film culture in the Cairns region.


Regular film screenings at the theatre in the Centre of Contemporary Arts (CoCA) give local residents the opportunity to see a number of quality films, widely appreciated by a diverse multicultural audience, which would not otherwise be screened by the local commercial cinemas. 


Their additional efforts in screening charity fundraisers, short film festivals, and the work of indigenous and local filmmakers also boosts film as an arts medium in the region.


Supporting End Credits Film Club in the future to screen films at the Centre of Contemporary Arts is an important part of providing opportunities to encourage connections between indigenous cultures and the wider community of Cairns contributing significantly to the cultural diversity of our region. 


I look forward to the development of End Credits Film Club program with the support of the Cairns Regional Council.

Yours etc

Brett Hitchens

End Credits Film Club
admin at endcredits.org.au


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