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4:30pm Sunday October 12
MEX (M) 108mins

"Nosotros los Nobles"
Dir. Gary Alazraki, Mexico, 

The Noble Family is Mexico’s biggest ever box-office success!

When a successful construction mogul, Germán Noble, realises that his adult children are spoiled beyond belief, he stages a fake company bankruptcy and seizes of all their assets tricking them into believing that they have become fugitives of the law. 

Left behind is the palatial mansion, expensive cars and bottomless credit cards as Germán moves them all into their grandfather’s dilapidated home in a poor neighbourhood. 

There they have no choice but to do something that none of them has ever had to do before – work. 

A slick, stylish and very funny riches to rag story that carries real heart.

Brett Hitchens

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