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Hi Endcredits
I am quite surprised that I no longer receive any email or information from you.I joined endcredit (in April or May, I think) ...This one (30/05/14) is the last one I've received
Could you please make sure that I am back on your mailing list.
Thank you
Best regards

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> Our alert correspondent has noted that one of the best Australian films of the year is currently screening at BCC Grafton Street.
> He writes:
> If you haven't already seen it, don't miss 'Healing'. It's one of the best Aussie films I've seen in the past couple of years. Typically, Event Cinemas are showing it scant respect. From Thursday it's down to one screening per day (3:30pm). They wouldn't know a good film or a potential sleeper if it jumped up and bit 'em on the bum. They only have eyes for formulaic American garbage that insults the intelligence.
> http://www.healingthemovie.com
> Actually I saw it myself on Sunday and thoroughly endorse the review.  This is a great film, brilliantly acted very well written and for lovers of brilliant cinematography at treat every minute.
> But you’ll have to hurry or it’ll be gone.
> cheers
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