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Here’s an opportunity for potential filmmakers.
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Subject: Applications Open for Concept and Pitching Workshop in FNQ
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> Monday 5 November 2018
Applications Open for Concept Development, Pitching and Networking Workshop in Far North Queensland
Screen Queensland is calling on storytellers in Far North Queensland to take part in the first of a series of workshops aimed at unlocking the potential of regional creators.
The Concept Development, Pitching and Networking Workshop is free-of-charge and offers practical skills and advice that will enable content creators in Far North Queensland to become competitive when seeking commercial interest in their stories.
The two-day workshop, delivered by Screenworks, will work with talented voices from the region to shape and pitch stories for the Australian and international markets.
The workshop is open to all and will include expert guidance from established producers in the fields of documentary and drama.
Far North Queensland is home to many great untold stories and this workshop will help storytellers understand the screen industry market and how their content can be shaped to find audiences, finance, buyers and commissioners. 
On day one, participants will learn about:
identifying and understanding industry opportunity - knowing how and where to research
what to include in a project outline
treatments and mini bible 
script drafts
the importance of audience
the importance of your team
where to next.
Day two will focus on:
how to develop a pitch
tips for making a great pitch
networking skills - the dos and don’ts.
The workshop will be held in Cairns in early 2019 with further details to be announced soon. 
Expressions of interest for content creators interested in taking part will close at 5pm on Thursday 31 January 2019. 
EOIs can be submitted online: CLICK HERE <https://screenqueensland.cmail20.com/t/r-l-jjujjdjk-dyuudlwdy-y/>
Participants must be Far North Queensland residents.
For more information contact:
Rowena Billard rbillard at screenqld.com.au <mailto:rbillard at screenqld.com.au>
Bella Schiwy bschiwy at screenqld.com.au <mailto:bschiwy at screenqld.com.au> or phone 3248 0500 <tel:3248%200500>.
> About Screen Queensland: 
Screen Queensland’s purpose is to grow the screen industry to be a significant contributor to the economic and cultural wellbeing of Queensland. 
Go to screenqld.com.au <https://screenqueensland.cmail20.com/t/r-l-jjujjdjk-dyuudlwdy-j/> to view all our programs and initiatives.

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