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End Credits Film Club admin at endcredits.org.au
Fri May 1 06:35:46 CEST 2020

Hi Folks,
We’re giving away 3 free memberships.

Well there are a couple of strings attached.

For the duration of our Covid recess we’d like you to stay in touch and regularly visit our web site.

To win a free 12 month membership or renewal all you have to do is keep a list of the Covid-19 ( very loosely)  themed MOVIE TITLES featured as an animated gif on our web page. 

Then email your list to us when we ask for them.

They’ll be changed every so often (not more than once a week ).

To get you started here’s what we’ve had so far.

1. HOME ALONE <https://gph.is/1UV0d0x>

2. KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE <https://gph.is/1yWoR9j>

3.  check www.endcredits.org.au <http://www.endcredits.org.au/> now.


Brett Hitchens
End Credits Film Club
admin at endcredits.org.au

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