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This charming film tells the story of the Lisa Gasteen National Opera School which runs every year under the experienced eagle eye of Queensland-based Professor Lisa Gasteen. In this film, the operatic group is working towards a demanding production of Carmen with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Filmed over the course of several weeks, the documentary takes viewers into the heart of the artistic process as Gasteen moulds and cossets, encourages and massages the cast into an epic production of Bizet’s classic. 
Simultaneously uplifting and tension-inducing, the film follows ex-opera singer Gasteen as she looks to cultivate the next generation of would-be divas, while they edge ever closer to the kind of performances that are demanded if they are to make great opera. The students dig deep, the orchestra soars to great musical heights and the show culminates in a final performance that is as close to perfection as every participant hopes and dreams it can be. Applause!

Tickets are on sale here now. <https://www.endcredits.org.au/>

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