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We’re back and ready to kick off 2019 film screenings with a new End Credits exclusive Opening Night generous offer from Events Cinema.

We’ll be hosting the Opening Night screening of THE FAVOURITE at Events Smithfield on Thursday 31 January at 6:30pm.

Strictly limited numbers of discounted tickets for this session will only be available through End Credits both online linked here and in the foyer from 5:30pm  ( unless sold out prior. )

Review by Andrew L. Urban:

Fruity is what it is, sometimes squashy and overripe, sometimes firm and appealing, but everything about this film is rich and slightly pungent, including the characters. Well, especially the characters. Olivia Colman's Queen Anne is the fruitiest of them all, of course, pudgy, self conscious, unbalanced and totally dependent on Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz). Lady Sarah is no lady, mind you, and shoots as well as she holds the real reins of the reigning monarch. 

Enter Abigail (Emma Stone), muddied and slovenly after her bumpy carriage ride to the royal court, having lost her title and her father all at once, impoverished, desperate for a position. She has no friends at court, not even among the kitchen staff where she is given menial work. 

From her arrival, she is a rival to Sarah for the Queen's affections and the ancillary power that goes with them. And that rivalry is the subject of this film, made with the offbeat artistry of Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster, The Killing of the Sacred Deer), from a screenplay by Australia's Tony McNamara (The Rage in Placid Lake, Love My way) and Deborah Davis.

If you haven't been there, early 18th century England is a riot of colour - at the Royal Court, at least. Elsewhere its muddy, dirty, dangerous and dank. It's a production designer's dream gig, likewise costumes etc. Overstatement is the mantra, but tastefully so, or occasionally rudely so.

Queen Anne speaks like a modern commoner, keeps 17 rabbits in cages in her quarters, swings wildly from calm to cantankerously shouty and Colman loves every second of it. So will you.

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Brett Hitchens
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